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Online: Job Application in Germany

Online Kurs

You think, it is hard to find a job in Germany as a foreigner... No, it’s not! German enterprises and organizations are happy to employ good international professionals.
Do you want to send out your first application? Or would you like to improve your position? This webinar is developed for international professionals who want to present themselves as more congenial and competent.
- German labor market and application statistics: How many applications do I have to send to receive an invitation at last?
- Job offer analysis: How to read between the lines if this company is good for me and if I can fit in?
- Critical self-analysis: Am I a convincing applicant? What are the expectations of employers in Germany?
- CV: How to show the best of me in a gapless CV?
- Cover letter: How to produce a great cover letter without being a native speaker or great writer?
- Certificates: What if my certificates are not good enough?
- Important addresses: Where do I get help?


Status: Plätze frei

Kursnr.: S1700

Beginn: Sa., 26.06.2021, 10:00 - 11:30 Uhr

Dauer: 1x

Kursort: Live Online-Kurs

Gebühr: 18,00 €

Mitzubringen / Material: Prerequisites: English level B1, Internet, PC or Notebook

Live Online-Kurs

10:00 - 11:30 Uhr
Live Online-Kurs

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