General Conditions

General Conditions

1. Formal approval of contracts, registration & course continuation registration.

The announcement of courses is simply an offer and is in no way binding on the vhs Freising.

  1. The contract with the Volkshochschule begins with the registration of the participant for a course or event and the following acceptance of the registration by the vhs. The registration can be achieved in the following ways:
    • by sending an application form which can be found in the college program.
    • by applying by telephone (08161 49070)
    • by fax (08161 490799)
    • via our internet homepage
    • by email:
    • by signing the ‚Weitermelde’ or ‚Verlängerung’ forms. You can register in the current course for an extension of that course, or you can register for the following semester. You can complete all your details on the form supplied and then give your signature. Your registration is then binding.
  2. Registrations for courses will be accepted in the order they are received. These registrations are binding even when they are not confirmed in writing by the vhs.
  3. Normally, it is possible to attend courses only after a previous registration at the vhs.

    Registration is not necessary for events which have an evening box office, or if it is an exhibition etc.

    These events can be recognised by the fact that they have no course numbers.


2. Cancellation of contract

  1. The VHS may cancel:
    • when the minimum required number of participants is not reached.

      Should a course start, despite insufficient participants, the vhs reserves the right either to shorten the number of meetings, or to request a higher payment if the full number of meetings should occur. Either of these will occur with the agreement of the participants.

    • if the teacher for the announced vhs course is unavailable for any reason.
    • if the appointed place of instruction is no longer available.
    • for other justified grounds (e.g. an error in the course offered).
  2. The participant may cancel:

    Under no circumstances is a withdrawal valid when a third party (e.g. a teacher) makes a cancellation on your behalf. Withdrawal can only take place through the administration offices of the vhs Freising via a cancellation in writing (email, fax or letter).

    A change of teacher, or place of instruction cannot be used as ground for cancellation.

    • by withdrawing from the course no later than 3 weeks before course start. In this case there will be no charge.
    • by withdrawing from the course in writing in the 2nd or 3rd week before the course. In this case a cancellation charge of €5 will be charged.
    • by withdrawing in the week before the course, but only if a replacement participant is found and this participant completes a binding registration a minimum of two days before course begin. If this occurs only the €5 cancellation fee will be charged. If no person is found, the full price of the course must be paid.


3. Payment

By registering the participant agrees to allow the price of the course/event to be debited from the participant's bank account after the start of the course.

Language ‚Kompakt’ courses must be paid for in cash.


4. Exams and certificates

The contract contains no guarantee of admission to, or completion of an exam.
If requested, participation certificates for the current semester will be provided free of charge in the areas of Occupation, IT and Languages, if a minimum of 75% of the course has been attended and the certificate is requested before the end of the course. 
Certificates requested for courses which have already ended (up to a maximum of 3 years after course completion) will require a payment of €5.

To obtain a certificate for a course in the Health area there must have been a minimum of 80% attendance and a certificate will only be provided on request after the end of the course.

a. Language exams

Only written applications for exams in languages will be accepted.

Withdrawal at least 3 weeks before the course start date will attract a cancellation fee of €15. There will be no refund of charges if the participant cancels within 3 weeks of the exam, nor if the participant does not take part in the exam, for whatever reason.

The exam charges must be paid by the applicant on receipt of the account.


5. Organisational changes

There is no guarantee that a course or event will be run by a particular teacher/leader, even when the name of a teacher or leader has been stated.

The VHS has the right to change the place and/or time of the course If a session is cancelled (for instance because the teacher is sick) it may take place on another date. There is no right to demand a replacement session.


6. Copyright

Photographing or recording of any material used in the courses is not allowed, this includes digital recording. Course material may not be copied, distributed and publicly displayed without the explicit permission of the vhs.


7. Liability

The VHS cannot be held liable for any damage of any kind, no matter what the reason, unless proven to be intentional, or through gross negligence by the VHS.


8. Scope of services

The extent of services of the VHS Freising e.V. are described in the course details which appear in the current college programs. Oral arrangements require written confirmation. Teachers are not authorised to change the contract conditions, or make alternative arrangements.


9. Discounts

10% discount for ‘Bayerische Ehrenamtskarte’ and Juleika card owners.

20% discount for vhs teachers, pupils, students, persons handicapped with a GdB of 80%, unemployment benefit recipients (including ‚Arbeitslosengeld II’ recipients), social welfare benefit recipients (on presentation of relevant, valid documents, such as a relevant certificate not more than 4 weeks old), ‚Azubis’ on presentation of a ‚Lehrvertrag’, au-pairs and pensioners.

No discount will be given for specially listed events, nor for lectures.

Please submit your application for discount along with your course application.

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